Alain Rhéaume, forestry technician by training

“A forestry technician by training, I have worked in the private sector for more than 30 years and I have created two companies : the first in the form of a cooperative and the other on my own account. Silvicultural work (i.e. the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests), such as reforestation and brush clearing, were the main activities of these two companies.

In 2014, seeing the coming labour shortage, I decided to join this brand new company BoreA Canada. Two things attracted me to this company : staying in the same branch and participating in its growth. Indeed, the challenge was daunting, because producing essential oils all year round, in such large quantities, had never been done before. Raw material, harvesting systems, monitoring, quality control, extraction procedures, everything was new. We proceed by trial and error until the moment we achieved our anticipated results. Within BoreA, I mainly deal with the supply of raw material. Several species of trees and plants, in specific quantities, need to be transported to the distillery. Also my broad experience as an entrepreneur helps when I participate in certain committees or administrative tasks.

Eight years later, I am still part of this company and year after year, there are just as interesting projects. But now I see retirement coming, or it will be a pre-retirement before full retirement 😊, but one thing is certain, I will closely follow the evolution of BoreA Canada, BoreA SENS and its team.

Alain Rhéaume, March 2022.