When in doubt, think about two drops!

When in doubt, think about two drops, Dans le doute, deux gouttes is an expression used in French to explain the foundations for optimal health: it’s simple, act from intuition or even earlier; as if you were at the top of the Chic-Chocs Mountains. This allows you to anticipate your body’s needs, to prevent and defuse those famous colds or flus that weaken us every year.

Strengthen your lungs from the end of August! No, it’s not too early.

Autumn is already on our doorstep and it is already high time to think about strengthening your immunity and lungs, in order to vigorously live the two cold seasons ahead of us.

It’s very EASY to prevent with our conifers from Canada’s boreal forest that consist mainly of terpenes. This biochemical family works deep in your lungs!

A very simple recipe.