Jean-Claude Villeneuve,
Eng. Founder/CEO
BoreA Canada and BoreA SENS

Founder and CEO of BoreA Canada and BoreA SENS, Jean-Claude Villeneuve, an engineer by training, has always had a mission: to find solutions that improve human well-being. Passionate, he had imagined even before founding his own company, that his studies in electrical engineering and robotics could one day allow him to realize this deep desire. He spent several years working for other companies, as well as traveling in Asia and the United States. In 2012 he returned to his native region of Chibougamau-Chapais, located in the territory of Eeyou Istchee, Bay James in the north of the province of Quebec. Jean-Claude created his first company, BoreA Canada, the distillery in 2014; then in 2021, he started the online store, BoreA SENS.


« A single 10ml bottle of Black Spruce Essential Oil, can help calm muscle pain in several people at the same time.” Or he says, channelling his engineering spirit, “Every 1.42 seconds, someone, somewhere, uses 2 drops of Black Spruce Essential Oil to soothe their muscle pain or boost their energy.»

Jean-Claude Villeneuve


BoreA Canada today produces: high-quality essential oils, hydrosols and other extracts from more than 15 species derived from the boreal forest. We choose to use both traditional and innovative extraction processes based on eco-responsibility and a green economy. Our founder, Jean-Claude’s, engineering training has come in handy in the design of our distillery, allowing us to keep our eco-responsible values front and center, while at the same time generating local economic benefits for our community and our customers. He is always thinking about how we can maximize the residual materials from the production of essential oils. Nothing is lost and everything must be reused!

Our Vision

To offer you the power to improve and protect your well-being in a natural way, while giving you the feeling that you are making a difference and respecting our planet.

Our Mission

BoreA SENS offers pure, natural and authentic organic products from Quebec. We use a multi-circular extraction process to create a variety of products, such as essential oils and hydrosols from the boreal forest. The genesis of our company is based on this circular economy. We value the unused by products of other companies and encourage the involvement of local communities. Quality, durability and authenticity matter to us.


And that’s why we recycle forest residue. We will look for those beautiful branches left behind in the forest by the foresters who do not need them to make softwood lumber.
We like to recuperate material!


At BoreA SENS, we have a great team of 15 people to which, in the summer, we add all our passionate pickers of 100% pure, real, nature. We work very hard to offer you with the greatest respect, the riches of the boreal forest.


« We don’t hesitate to work in temperatures of minus 40° Celsius, to collect plants in the forest far from any human habitation. These plants come mainly from public lands within vast territories with long-term government guarantees. Government-managed crops follow a very specific framework to ensure that these resources remain renewable. »