Our distillery uses a circular distillation process, in symbiosis with a biomass, electricity generation plan. We exchange steam for our distillation residue as fuel. This reduces greenhouse gases (GHGs) by around 60% compared to a traditional process! Wow!

The innovative facilities enable year-round operations with a high production capacity. All operations are monitored, controlled, and documented, from the cutting of trees to the end of production. The entire operation is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and the BNQ-CEAF, which is a certification program for businesses in forest management.

« A respect for the environment, the involvement of local communities and compliance with government laws and regulations are of paramount importance for us. »

We understand that today everyone’s well-being is at the forefront of their lifestyle choices and human habits. For our generation, the attraction to return to nature leads us to better understand the symbiosis in which we live, in order to embrace our true identity.