In symbiosis with nature

A genuine, sustainable source!

Our distillery uses a circular distillation method, perfectly harmonized with a plan to generate electricity from biomass. We transform steam into energy by exchanging our distillation residues, thus acting as a fuel. This revolutionary approach reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 60% compared with traditional methods! Incredible, isn't it?

BoreA Canada System

BoreA Canada System

Circular extration process

BoreA Canada's circular process integrates a sustainable approach at every stage of production, promoting the reuse and recycling of resources. Production waste is fed back into the process as raw materials, reducing waste and the ecological footprint. Innovative technologies are used to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Circular extraction process

Respect for the environment is important to us!

BoreA Canada excels in the production of high-quality essential oils, hydrolats and other extracts, thanks to a sustainable extraction process that combines tradition and innovation.


Optimizing natural resources

Reusing waste as raw material

Use of renewable energies

Sustainability & Innovation

Genuine, durable design

Closed-loop production systems

Eco-design and innovation


Sharing economy

Collaboration and commitment from economic players

Participatory financing and responsible investment

Our commitment is total!

Respect for the environment, involvement of local communities and compliance with government laws and standards are of prime importance to us.


Certified durability

Our operations, from forest to bottle

The innovative infrastructure operates without interruption throughout the year, ensuring continuous production.

Protected environment

Protected environment

for quality products

Every step, from tree harvesting to bottling, is meticulously monitored, controlled and documented. All operations are certified by Ecocert Canada, guaranteeing compliance with organic standards, and by BNQ-CEAF, certifying compliance with Quebec's environmental requirements for forest management.

Natural harmony

Natural harmony

Rediscovering our identity

We understand that individual well-being is at the forefront of human lifestyle choices and habits today. For our generation, our attraction to returning to nature leads us to better understand this symbiosis in which we live, in order to embrace our true identity.