Jean-Claude Villeneuve
ing.Founder/PDG BoreA Canada and BoreA SENS

Jean-Claude Villeneuve, an engineer by training, is committed to improving human well-being. His expertise in electrical engineering and robotics has led him to create innovative solutions. After years of experience and rewarding travels, he returned to his native Chibougamau-Chapais in 2012. In 2014, he launched BoreA Canada, a distillery, and in 2021, BoreA SENS, an online boutique.

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The Black Spruce

A single 10 ml bottle of Black Spruce essential oil can soothe the muscular pains of several people simultaneously. Jean-Claude Villeneuve, with an engineer's mind, points out that approximately every 1.42 seconds, someone uses 2 drops of this essential oil to relieve muscular pain or boost energy.

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Yes, respect for the environment is important to us!

And that's why we recycle forest residues. We pick up our own beautiful branches left in the forest by foresters who don't need them to make lumber.
We love to recycle!


Our company

We currently manufacture high-quality essential oils, hydrolats and other extracts from over 15 species of the Boreal Forest.

Our Mission

BoreA SENS offers a range of authentic organic products from the pure nature of Quebec. Our multi-circular extraction process creates a diversity of products such as essential oils and hydrolats from the boreal forest. At the heart of our business, we promote a circular economy by valorizing resources not used by other companies and by encouraging the participation of local communities. We attach great importance to the quality, sustainability and authenticity of our products.

Our Vision

Our vision at BoreA SENS is to give you the means to enhance and preserve your well-being in a natural way, while contributing to the respect of our precious planet.

Our Values

BoreA SENS favors extraction methods that combine tradition and innovation, while promoting eco-responsibility and a green economy. The founder, an engineer by training, designs his distillery in harmony with these principles, thus promoting a positive local economic impact. The company's commitment is reflected in the reduction of waste through the efficient reuse of by-products from essential oil production, thus instilling a sustainable approach at every stage of its business.

Our Marketing Team

Jean-Claude Villeneuve

CEO & Engineer

Lina Villeneuve

Finance & Human Resources Manager

Julie Nault

Aromatherapist - Sales and Marketing Director